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Kansas City Cont…

The Plaza is a must see, but it’s just scratching the surface of exploring this town. Don’t miss Westport which seems a bit trendier than it used to be. It is a fantastic area to visit boutiques, restaurants, and bars. It’s known for its night life and bars, many with patios and decks, where live music abounds.

Fun Fact: Westport is the neighborhood that both of my parent’s grew up in, so it’s always on my list. Bonus fun fact, you are either from Kansas City, Missouri or Kansas City, Kansas and yes there’s a major rivalry. My family falls in the Missouri camp.


Leading with food again, head to nearby Westport to the iconic Broadway Cafe for strong coffee and light breakfast fare or snacks.


Kelly’s is a KC institution, a rowdy old bar housed in the oldest building in KC. My family has ties to it that I won’t get into here but the family lore goes that if you were tall enough to see over the bar, you were old enough to drink! Word to the wise, wear tennis shoes here, the floor will be sticky!

Westport has a great self-guided walking tour so spend some time exploring the roots of this neighborhood, you will be surprised by some of its early settlers and ties to the civil war.


If you like to look at old buildings, beautifully restored, this is your town!

South Plaza

I’ve not explored this area before and it’s not quite as gentrified as Westport, which actually makes it all the more interesting to me. It’s a bit more real and raw. So, follow your stomach to Egtc. for a hearty breakfast packed with locals from the neighborhood and then explore this upcoming neighborhood on foot. It’s hilly so be prepared for some walking.

Kansas City is filled with great people, great food (lots of barbecue), great music, interesting architecture, and parks and fountains galore. You might even get to experience a true Midwestern thunderstorm, you will think the world is coming to an end but it’s surprisingly exhilarating and it won’t even delay your travel plans when the skies look like this.

So, get packing!

Check out part one of my visit to Kansas city where we will explore the Plaza.


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