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So, like a lot of commuters, I’m kind of, okay, a lot, hooked on podcasts.  My podcast library is right up there with my Youtube music subscription because whatever I’m in the mood to listen to, is at my fingertips.

So whether it’s learning French, solving cold cases, exercise motivation, current events – I’m in.  But the podcast that is at the top of my list right now is Akimbo from Seth Godin.

As a writer, there’s a saying that if you need something written in as few words as possible, you’re going to need a lot of time.  It’s tough to be pithy.  Seth Godin is the master of pithy in both his writing and his podcast but man does he make you think.

Recently he spoke to us aspiring writers. His message – just write, keep writing, and then write some more.  Don’t worry about who’s reading it or where it might take you. At times you really need to hear that message. So thanks for reading and I’ll keep writing.

And if you are on a long drive check out these podcasts – The Dana Barrett Show, Up and Vanished, Jocko Podcast, Marketing Today, Hidden Brain and of course Akimbo.  And drop a comment if you have a favorite.


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