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Just say “No” to the gift card

I’ve been guilty of boring gifting, but no more. I’m ditching the standby Starbucks or Visa cards for more personal, themed gift bags. After receiving this All Things ‘Rose’ themed Birthday gift bag, I’m inspired!

My determination to step up my gifting from obligatory to memorable was further solidified this week where plans for a surprise wedding shower for a co-worker are underway. As many brides-to-be are doing these days, the planned nuptials are non-traditional, consisting of a very small destination wedding, followed by a multi-week, trip of a lifetime.

There is no wedding registry, the couple have been living together for years and already own a home… what would they put on the registry? All they want is money. Cold hard cash. Part of me gets it, I really do, and yes I’ll contribute my dollars to the fund. But a part of me balks at it as cold and impersonal.

I treasure gifts I received from my wedding, especially the unplanned, meaning not on the register gifts. The exquisite wine glasses from Tiffany’s that I would never buy for myself, gifted before I was a wine enthusiast, but absolutely enjoyed now. Thank you Aunt Pat and Uncle Walter! To the his and hers Universal Studios cozy sweatshirts that we still wear 20+ years later from my college friend turned Indiana Jones stunt man, Jason. I would take these gifts and the memories over dollars, every day of the week.

So, even though cash will be the present at this upcoming shower. We are making it memorable because this bride-to-be happens to love Halloween. So, she is getting a Spooky Surprise Bridal Shower and trust me the decorations will be used for years to decorate that brand new big house, and hopefully bring a smile to her face as she remembers her co-workers for years to come!

So, my challenge to you as we start to think of Fall and the holidays is to step up your gifting. In all things I strive to be memorable, in a good way, and I think very thoughtful gifting is one way to show people how much they mean to us and who doesn’t need a little more of that!


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