July in Georgia


Of course the peaches are ripe.  And the blackberries, strawberries, watermelons….yum!

It’s so hot you’ll sweat in places  you did not think were possible.

The days are long and more days then not there is a terrific, fast thunderstorm in the early evening.

No, it doesn’t cool it off, it just makes everything more sticky and then the bugs come out.

Sports are in full swing – baseball, soccer and more.

Kids are away at camp or lazing around the house.

Traffic is not quite so awful.

Every one has a bit more color – suntans and sunburns.

Women always carry a sweater – go out to eat or in a store without one and pay the price of being unbearably cold – I know where frigid air got there name now.

Festivals, concerts and parties abound.

Weekends are for escaping to the mountains or the ocean.

Love July in Georgia.



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