It’s On – Omaha Fashion Week

I know you don’t necessarily think Omaha and fashion in the same sentence, but it’s not really that much of a stretch, the Midwest has been exporting that wholesome, fresh look to fashion meccas for generations.

I was invited to attend tonight to celebrate a young designer, Ciara Fortun, making her OFW debut. I just get excited about a night out right now but as I started looking into it, I got hit in the face with the connection I have to OFW and some long buried memories.

As a graduate (back half of the 80’s) of the Nancy Bounds Modeling Agency, I was put through the rigors of modeling and finishing training by the famed Nancy Bounds and her team. Check out the circa 1987ish pics above.

I was saddened to read that Nancy is now dressing the angels but I was proud to see that her hard work and former students and teachers have helped form what is now a thriving OFW.

So, I am excited to be attending both Friday and Saturday night and can’t wait to see where Omaha fashion has evolved too!







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