It’s going to be a bumpy transition


Our schools are so far behind in effectively using technology in the classroom.  I work in health care technology which faces many of the same challenges in moving into a digital world. Knowing those challenges first hand, I shudder to think of how bumpy this is going to be.  Our kids are ready but our teachers and school infrastructure are not.

We were given a three month heads up that our kids would need to have powerful (read expensive) iPads the first of the year.  So, forget about buying notepads and pencils, now parents have to budget for iPads and here’s the kicker, the parents also have to pay for the digital books as well.  And they aren’t cheap. And this is public school!So, that first hurdles is past us now and the real fun begins. Dealing with old school buildings running wireless networks and ensuring students are using these as effective learning tools and not expensive paper weights! It’s the right thing to do but it’s going to be bumpy!

UPDATE 2/2/16: I was wondering when the press would catch up to this. Glad to see they finally have.  http://www.ajc.com/ap/ap/georgia/georgia-schools-ipad-plan-raises-concern-among-som/nqGTm/



  • neuroscientistpc

    I agree. I’ve only just got out of the education system and i’m heading straight back into secondary science teaching! Hopefully I can incorporate some usable tech at some point (it is science after all) – god knows it’s out there!

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