It’s All About The Gravy


I’m a bit obsessed with Thanksgiving gravy.  Turkey, potatoes, and stuffing are really just transport mechanisms.

I have to have portobello mushroom gravy made by this little gourmet deli by my office.  You have to order early.  Seriously, I travel with it.  If I’m coming to your house for Thanksgiving, the gravy’s coming with me.

This year I also bought homemade giblet gravy with a side of homemade turkey stock to thin it out.  This gravy was made at the deli by my house – fourth year in a row they’ve offered it and it sells out in like 20 minutes.  I just happened upon it accidentally – serendipitous?

Both gravies traveled all the way to Florida with me this year.  I had to build a little mashed potato moat to keep the gravies on separate sides of my plate.

It was a plate divided.  They were both so good but I’ll never be without the mushroom gravy at Thanksgiving.  I think it is so good  that I’m going to have to learn how to make it myself. It seriously might just be mushrooms and whole cream.

Whatever has to be on your plate at Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family & friends.

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