Is unlimited vacation time for real?

I love the beach and I love to ski.  I know most people lean one way or the other, but not me – love them equally.  With both I have the same goal -unplugging, having fun and recharging. You used to be able to truly unplug in either locale – the exorbitant international fees of being somewhere truly tropical and the lack of cell coverage in the mountains would cut down on the work intrusions. Those days are gone – you really can’t escape that tether anymore.

And the truth is that as an aware workaholic, I don’t want to. I like to be in touch. If you can’t tell by the crazy times I post, I’m an early bird. The perfect vacation to me is being up early (while everyone else is asleep), working for a few hours and then having fun the rest of the day.

And yes, I’m one of those that never uses all of their vacation and rarely ever get sick. So, here’s what has me worried. There is this trend afoot to have unlimited, or flexible vacation time.  Employees like the flexibility and employers like not having to have all that time on the books.  Here’s the rub, in this model employees are free to take as much time off as they choose, as long as they get their job done.

I know quite a few people that work for companies with this policy now. And I swear I’m not making this up, they are traveling the world. Yes, I’m a bit jealous and a lot excited for them – love to see all their fabulous pics and posts.

But I worry – are they doing their job? Are they going to get fired?

Which leaves me to ponder what does get your job done mean? I’m not making and shipping 25 widgets a day and can feel like, yep, I’m done, let’s go play golf. My work is never ‘done’ so that’s the rub, love the idea but pretty sure if I was not forced, I would just keep chasing the elusive ‘done.’ I know I need to ever evolve as an employee and manager but this concept is tough, what say you?



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