Is email going the way of the dinosaur?

You are now entering email hell! Buckle up.

YES! But not fast enough. And there is no clear winner standing in the wings. As we moved from preferring face-to-face to the telephone to email..  most of us are now drowning in email wondering what’s next.

People like to send me a text if there is an email that I need to read or if I have not responded quickly enough – how pathetic is that?! But they know I literally get multiple hundreds of emails a day at work – it comes with the job – and I have tried everything: multiple email addresses; setting up rules to send things to folders that I never get back to; color coding…my entire company took a class once that told us to do one of three things immediately: Discard, Delegate or Do.  Yeah, nice theory!

I’ve suffered through Microsoft Outlook crashes that left huge chunks of my email (aka my historical files) unrecoverable. I’m fed up with email!  And I know I’m not alone because now companies and teams are trying out all kinds of collaboration tools. Problem is everyone wants to try a new tool and for us pioneers stuck trying to figure out how to use them all and remembering which tool to go to for what, it’s a bit frustrating at times.  So, we use Salesforce, Sharepoint, Wikis and some cooler apps like Trello and Asana, just to name a few. 

I don’t really care which email replacement ultimately wins, I just want there to be a winner so we can all move on and overload that tool – that’s progress right?

Stay tuned for follow-up related topic posts  – apparently I have some pent up frustration around this topic: Is the written word dying? and Where are all of my documents ‘in the cloud’? and Adventures in Office365.





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