I Just Gotta Dance

My husband knows me well.  After weeks (months) of preparation, we dropped our middle son off at college this past Saturday and were facing a six hour drive home.

He knew that if we got straight in the car after the farewell dinner, I would be in tears all the way.  So, we stayed another night and went to the Rick Springfield concert, with guests Loverboy, Tommy Tutone and Greg Kihn.

And we danced it out. Sang at the top of our lungs and danced some more.  It was a beautiful, albeit sweltering hot, night at an outdoor venue near the water and all of these guys put on a fantastic show. Greg Kihn surprised me with his humor.  Tommy belted his hits that will endure forever, 867 5309 and more.  Loverboy got the whole amphitheater singing.


And Rick Springfield was fantastic – I don’t think I realized before (my bad) how good of a guitar player he is.  Most of us never get past his looks which he still has by the way.  His energy is contagious, his voice is great, and what a showman.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of the roses flying from his guitar but I could never quite catch it right.

These talented musicians continue to make new music but knew that we came for the hits, check out Springfield’s latest album The Snake King.  I try to see live concerts every chance I get – nothing brings people together like music.  It’s what I needed last weekend and we drove back home on Sunday – a bit tired but happy that our middle son is off chasing his big dreams!

Oh, and bonus, I now have the answer to a Trivia question because Springfield and my oldest son share a birthday so I’ll always know his age and birthday. I already knew what country he was from.


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