I HATE Cancer!

I hate cancer in all forms.  But right now I’m particularly mad at lung cancer. I’m not sure what the technical definition for an epidemic is but with lung cancer claiming more lives in the U.S. every year than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined – epidemic doesn’t feel like a stretch.
My energetic, vibrant and beautiful 85-year old Mother heard those dreaded words one month ago today.  You have cancer.  It’s inoperable and you have about six months left. 
Now what do we do?  Well, we are on the prairie so, we circle the wagons.  I am blessed to have an amazing, huge family.  I say huge because it encompasses my husband and three children, and all of his extended, huge family, my brother and his awesome wife, my sister, my aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews… and that’s just my biological family!  My family of friends is spread out across all points of the globe.
And truth be told, I can’t do this without all of you with me.
For those that know me well, writing has always been my outlet.  I find it hard to talk about my Mom right now so I’m going to keep jotting thoughts down to share with you.  I promise I’ll keep it (mostly) upbeat.
It’s been quite awhile since I’ve spent more than a couple days at a time in my hometown of Omaha.  As a caregiver, I’ve quickly learned that taking breaks and getting a way is going to be critical.  I plan to use those breaks to get to know my hometown again and spend time with my many friends and family that call it home.
Thank you all for asking what you can do to help because I know you truly mean it.  Keeping on giving me hugs and please keep my mom, Rita, in your prayers and join me in this conversation and journey.


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