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It’s often said, you can’t go home. Bullshit. You can go wherever you want to go and right now, as the world seems to be crumbling, I want to go home.

Home to me is the Midwest. Omaha, Nebraska in particular. And it’s not that Omaha doesn’t have its share of problems, it certainly does, but it’s where I want to be. It’s where I’m longing to be.

Why? Because it’s home. No matter where I live, if I say home, I mean home, home, all the way to the middle of the country. It’s where I feel the safest. It’s where my roots are.

In less than two months, I’ll be an empty nester and my three wolves will be off to college. The wolves all inherited their Mom’s wanderlust heart and will be scattered across the country.

It’s hard to let them go but they need to continue to spread their wings and follow their dreams. I keep telling myself that even though I’m terrified for them on so many levels right now.

Me, I’m figuring out how and when to get a nice, long visit to Omaha in very soon. The need is bone deep. I need to get my toes in the dirt, see the crops grow, and re-charge with people that always welcome me with open arms, like they just saw me yesterday.

Yep, it’s past time to go home.

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  • Storm

    I feel that way about Saint Louis. No matter where I go in the country, I always think of STL as home. I hope you make it back to Nebraska soon!

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