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Hidden B&Bs… off the beaten path


Getting lost off the beaten path is always on my shortlist of things to do and if you happen to find yourself in the very northwestern corner of California, I’ve got just the place for you, the Howard Creek Ranch Inn.


This property was an original land grant homestead back in the 1800’s. You have a lot of different accommodation options from the original farmhouse to the very large converted barn, to the several cabins that dot the 60 acres.

This property was just added to and added to until it has grown into a fascinating maze of outbuildings, it’s even complete with its own swinging bridge to easily get across Howard Creek.


I had no idea how many people were actually staying on the property until the first breakfast, which is daily in the main house. The coffee is strong, the food delicious, and the company and enjoyable collective mix of regulars and wanderlusts like me, just stopping in.

The gardens around the original farmhouse are just spectacular. You can feel the years of investment, care, and love that has gone into them.

But I’ve saved the best part for last, this historic B&B is right on the Pacific Ocean. You’d never know it existed if you are just driving down Scenic California Highway One. They built the interstate right over the top of it, so now it it is tucked away in its own little oasis.

Looking from the ocean to Howard Creek Farm
The view west from Howard Creek Farm from your private beach!

Surprise! You did not see that one coming did you. Me either! But wow, what a sunset and this display happens every single day, a mere steps away.

This will be a memorable stop on any far northern California explorations. Our next stop was horseback riding on the beach but who knows where stepping off the beaten path will take you.

Happy Travels!


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