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Gap Year? Hell Yeah!

Where have all the graduates gone?

Well, many are not going anywhere right now. My youngest is delaying for a year going all the way across country to start college and I’m breathing a big sigh of relief.

A big, grown up, decision for Wolf #3. One I’m proud of him for making.

He wants the full, big university, experience and I pray that is available a year from now. So, while the traditional gap year experiences of travel are out, Wolf #3 is tracking some really cool pursuits.

First up, he will focus on his sport which he has always done but while juggling a crazy demanding school schedule.

The way every sport works in the U.S. these days, it feels like so many athletes lose the love of the sport that got them hooked in the first place. I hope my wolf gets to really have fun with it, without competitions hanging over his head, this year. Plus, he will have more time to coach the younger kids, aka, having a job with a paycheck.

Second, to hold your spot and scholarships, you can’t take any classes during your gap – that would make you a transfer student. So, my wolf will be working on a long-time dream – he is going to get his pilot’s license.

And last, music is a big part of Wolf #3’s life, he has been playing violin since first grade, and in high school taught himself to play guitar. Now that high school orchestra is in the rear view mirror, he plays just for the love of it. He plays what he wants to play and I love having the house filled with his music again.

That’s just the highlights of what my Renaissance Wolf has planned and it has energized me, stuck in a bit of a rut working from home, to get my own plan in place. I can’t take a gap year… yet, but I do have more time on my hands now.

I’ve been moping about not being able to travel, now I need to figure out what cool things I’m going to do and learn during this gap-ish time – so stay tuned for that!

So, silver lining, I get my youngest wolf home with me for one more bonus year and I still have someone to take out the trash!

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