Fat Lady

Fat Lady


That is so not PC to say, but it’s what my inner voice is calling me right now.  The scale has been inching up and up and I’ve hit an all-time personal high and not the good kind and not as in I’ve hit a new personal best.

Embracing not wanting to be “Fat Lady” is the best motivation I have.  Well, that and not feeling healthy or comfortable in my own skin at this weight.

It’s okay if I call myself “Fat Lady” – gotta face reality to make a change.  Plus I may be Fat Lady right now but I’m happy Fat Lady, much different than if I were unhappy Fat Lady – now I’m rambling.

60 pounds overweight.  How? When?  It’s like carrying my dog around on my waist all day.  There’s a visual.


Being the goal-oriented person I am, I’ve mapped my 60-pound journey in 10-pound increments.  So, the first 10 pounds down, gets me out of Fat Lady territory and into Chunky etc… all the way down to the very sexy sounding svelte label.

Somersizing, South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, Keto… they all have a lot in common with some obvious differences.  I need an approach to nutrition and fitness that works for the stage in the journey that I’m in, Fat Lady stage because I’m done with the up and down.  I refuse to go up any more and when I get back down, I refuse to go back up.  Make sense?

So, Fat Lady phase is going to be kicked in the butt using Keto.  My gut tells me I’ll be working towards a longer-term Paleo lifestyle as I really, really feel great when following Paleo eating principles but I need a more drastic jumpstart to get out of this first stage, which I gotta tell ya’ scares the crap out of me and I’d like to get down into the Chunky zone fast.

Why can’t I get ToWanda out of my mind? I may have to watch Fried Green Tomatoes this weekend for extra motivation and support.  Any other motivation or Keto advice, send it my way.




  • Alexx's Keto Avenue

    You can certainly do this I have lots more weight to lose or should I say fat I’m 499 but I have already lost almost 100 pounds doing keto in a fairly short time and now I’m doing fasting. I wish you much success there is no one size fits all I’m more on the line that if it gets me to my goal safe then I’m down with it. So,for now, I’m doing keto but not nutritional therapeutic keto my carbs are around 50 daily which is I believe 30 higher than nutritional ketosis but I love the food and it’s been working for me. You’re going to do great and let me know if I may be of service.

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