Falling for Puerto Rico: Part One


A true hidden gem of Puerto Rico are the treehouses at Yuquiyú.  This one’s almost too good to share for fear that it will get overrun. It’s that good.

The Yuquiyú experience is a cross between glamping and treehouse lodging.  It’s a bit tricky to find, being very off the beaten path in the Northeastern part of the island near the El Yunque rainforest – you wind through several neighborhoods but follow the manager’s directions to the letter and plan to arrive while you still have daylight and you’ll be fine.


You park at the top of a large hill, not quite a mountain, it’s actually a canyon, and you walk down a steep gravel path to the treehouses. So, pack light which should be easy because you really won’t need much. And you must be both mobile and fit to truly enjoy Yuquiyú.


The welcoming committee will quickly find you and lead you right to the manager’s treehouse.  Then prepare to relax and explore.  They’ve thought of most everything from the cold water and fresh lemonade in the fridge to the coffee for your french press.

We stayed in the La Cara de Indio treehouse which translates to the Indian Face and is tucked into a mango grove.  By opening all the windows and doors, you are truly outdoors.  You can sit and watch the changing views of the canyon that will likely go from sun to rain and back to sun again. Sleeping in the treehouse during a good storm is nothing short of spectacular.


With only one other guest treehouse on the property, it will be very quiet. Yuquiyú is a work in progress and is actually an organic farm built into this canyon hillside, you will find beautifully terraced layers to explore.


The owner and his crew of two have been working on this land for several years and it is a true labor of love and absolutely spectacular.  The tree houses were complete at the beginning of the year and we were one of the first lucky travelers to find them.

Although rustic, the treehouses have spa-like baths underneath them.  You do have to access them by going outside and following a path to go underneath the treehouse, but what a treat!  Spectacular views from your rainforest shower!


At the bottom of the property is a gently flowing river.  A newly built deck on the water was being finished the week we stayed and I can’t wait to spend a day relaxing on it on our next trip.

Part Two of Falling for Puerto Rico will introduce you to all of the wonderful areas to explore from your home base at the Treehouses of Yuquiyú.




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