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Experience the Redwoods

I mean really, it’s what we went to the Pacific Northwest to see.  So many pictures, I just had to share them.  Words can’t describe the feeling, the smell, the silence of being among the Redwoods.  It must be similar to what it would feel like to be in space, looking back at earth, and realizing just how small us humans really are.

Come prepared to hike for hours.  Stopping every two seconds to look closer, look up, take a picture, take a deep breath.  The air is so incredibly different, so clean.  The smell is earthy.  All sound is muffled.  The quiet is profound.  I hope you enjoy how I’ve grouped the images to give you a sense of the experience.

Majestic Giants

Fallen Giants

Land Before Time

Enchanted Forests

It’s easy to see how some of our beloved stories, from the Hobbit to Star Wars – remember the battle through the Redwoods? – were conceived.  Take a walk through the trees and your imagination is sure to run wild and spin some amazing tales.


Next up we’ll complete The Redwoods – Day Two.  If you missed A Night In The Trees or Gateway to the Redwoods – Day 1 to catch up.

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