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Escaping to the Conch Republic


The Welcome to the Conch Republic sign will be one of the first things you see as you walk across the tarmac to the small terminal. You immediately feel like you are truly in the islands – when driving from Miami to Key West, you don’t feel like you have left the U.S. – but dropping out of the sky onto the 4×2 mile island, you definitely know you are no longer on the mainland.


This is the place where you plan your day around where you will watch the sunset. One of the few, completely laid back, quirky, kitschy, anything-goes kind of places left in the U.S. And that makes it just my kind of escape!


Desperate for sunshine, I traded in the torrential rains of Atlanta, for a quick two-hour flight to paradise. Some people visit for the weekend and a surprising number end up staying for a lifetime.

Known for its bars, nightlife, and revelry, Key West certainly won’t disappoint. Being a solo, female, visitor in search of sun, I spent more time exploring the island than hanging in the bars.

Whether on bike or on foot, the architectural wandering will leave you planning your next trip. I have a long list of B&Bs I want to stay at!

The food is awesome, and you will definitely need to nosh at Blue Heaven. I don’t know why Key West always reminds me a bit of New Orleans, not in a Cajun way but more in the, it’s a little bit dangerous and a whole heck of a lot of fun kinda way.


So, even though I could only escape for 48 hours, Key West worked its magic and I can handle the continued rain in Georgia – I know it means Spring is on its way!


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