Eclipse Mania


I don’t need much of an excuse to throw a party and I must admit this one rocked! Totality was worth the extra hours to get to Tennessee from Georgia!  Atlantans who stayed in town got a nice view but they say it just couldn’t compare with the experiences of those who traveled to the zone of totality.

We were playing in the pool, grilling, hanging out and checking the progress on the march towards totality.  As it got closer, it felt like twilight was coming and seriously by the colors over the water of the lake, it looked like the sun was setting.  The music was turned off and everyone was quietly hanging out on the edges of the swimming pool.  A loud cheer went up, as well as a few fireworks when we could remove our glasses and gaze up at it.  We kissed and hugged like it was new year’s eve. The corona, the glow around it during totality, was awesome but believe me the minute the sun begins to re-emerge you know it.

As the skies darkened, the temperature dropped dramatically; the birds scattered to find their nests.  We were shocked by how loud the crickets were, we were in rural, heavily wooded area.

It was dark but being in the country I thought it would be darker than it was.  I thought it would be like midnight dark; it wasn’t but in hindsight, that would have been super scary.

I would definitely travel to see another eclipse event.  It’s going to be awhile for North America but I’ll be ready!  I’m not letting go of all these eclipse glasses we worked so hard to obtain!




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