Easter Bunnies are Scary!


Another over-commercialized religious holiday that’s gotten out of control.  I’m happy to report, I’ve never had pictures of my children taken with an Easter bunny.  We only did Santa pictures in the mall one time so it was a definite no-go on the bunny.

Why? I like cute pictures of my kids, BUT pictures with a scary bunny, not cute.   Have you ever seen a kid smile sitting on the lap of a man-bunny? Now dogs with bunny ears, that’s kinda cute.  But even McKenna has never endured bunny ears.



Remember when we just dyed hard-boiled eggs? And then later ate the hard-boiled eggs?  My kids won’t even eat hard-boiled eggs, so I guess, I gotta go now – to go buy candy and other assorted Easter-basket presents because I have succumbed to the trap of there being more than chocolate and peeps in their baskets.  Wouldn’t want to scar the poor babies.

Happy Easter!

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