Digital Nomad,  Wanderlust

Dreaming the nomadic dream


Digital Nomad, no such term exists in the dictionary, but that does not stop me from aspiring to be one.

The world of Google has lots to say about digital nomads.  Basically, a digital nomad is someone who is not tied to a physical location for work, which generally means they need access to an internet connection.  Unlike a telecommuter, a digital nomad moves around from place to place while continuing to work. And in my definition of being a digital nomad, I’m not working full-time, leaving plenty of time to explore and immerse myself in the location I happen to be in.

Being a digital nomad is certainly not for everyone and a pre-requisite is to have or acquire a skillset like programming, analytics, writing, marketing and such that is portable.  Most of us will either have to or want to continue to earn an income while wandering the world.

My goal would not be to sprint around the world but to have the time to make different locations home-base for as long as I want to so I can explore, immerse myself, and make connections.  My ever-growing list of places to spend more time in is exhaustive – I think it will take me the rest of my life to complete.

So while I’m years away from making my digital nomad dreams a reality, it’s time to start the planning. And I’m so excited to have found a wealth of information and blogs available to get me started.

I have a lot to learn and explore, and plenty of time to do it, but oh, what fun!  Any other aspiring nomads out there?



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