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Dialing Up Your Intuition


Happy 2020! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a couple of weeks – totally not like me – I’ve been dealing with one of those situations where life stands still for you but continues to rush on for the rest of the world.

I won’t bore you with the details, well maybe someday I will, but today I wanted to chat about something I’ve been noodling over the last few weeks. How to get better about dialing into your intuition, your sixth sense – not the creepy movie sixth sense but your deep down knowing voice on whether you are on the right path or not.

I’ve always been very adept at tuning in to other people’s feelings and energy and over the year’s I’ve had to learn to wall that off or dumb it down because it can be too overwhelming and draining on me. One problem with that has been that I’m now not as attuned to my own feelings, they kind of got lumped into that defense mechanism.

I have been trying to meditate daily, even just for a few minutes, right at the start of the day. It is so difficult to quiet your mind but I’m going to keep working at it. A friend gave me a book called Meditation for the Fidgety Sceptic and it has definitely given me some good ideas.

It’s hard for me to separate meditation from praying but I’m finding that everyone sort of settles on what works for them through trial and error, persistence, and practice. I’m also trying to take stock throughout the day, pausing here and there for a few minutes of deep breathing and resetting through positive affirmations. I think it helps my energy level to try to be mindful of how the day is impacting me as it unfolds.

2020 will be a year of great personal change for me as the last of my wolves graduates high school and heads off to college. The simultaneously dreaded and anticipated empty-nester status is upon me. What will I do with all of this free time? I definitely can’t stop working with three in college! But change is afoot as we explore downsizing and planning trips and adventures that I can’t wait to share with you.

I hope you continue to check in with this Midwestern girl who loves to explore but never strays too far from her roots. I promise we will explore interesting places, eat lots of great food, meet plenty of characters, and learn more about this great big connected world. I wish all of you the best this year and I look forward to connecting with you on this journey.

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