Countdown to Christmas


It’s not about the presents, but they sure are nice.

I love that surprised look when someone thinks, wow, this is just what I needed or didn’t know I wanted but I really did!

Christmas is a lot of work – you want everything to be just so.

But I’ve given up on that pursuit for perfection and set cut-off dates.  After a certain point, what’s done is done.

So, the house was decorated for the open house BUT the lights did not get put up out front and the Christmas villages did not go up this year.  So be it – nobody but me knows they were missing!

The cards just did not get done this year, so for the first time I’ll be sending out Happy New Year’s cards.  And given that I’m soooo ready to kick 2016 out and ring in 2017 – it’s probably better that I’m sending New Year’s cards.

The presents aren’t wrapped yet but somehow that will get done too.

What I have done is spend a lot more time with my family and friends this year. Just being in the moment and laughing and having fun.

So, I love Christmas and tend to go a bit over the top BUT this year I’ve had a lot of fun letting perfection go and enjoying all the hustle and bustle and catching up.

Merry Christmas!


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