Count Down to Super Bowl 50


Yeah, I’ll admit it. For me, it’s really more about the commercials, the half-time show, eating junk food, drinking beer and hanging with family and friends then the actual game.

I like both teams so I won’t have any disappointment on who wins or loses – I’ll get to cheer for both teams.

Since my kids have been competing in gymnastics (a lot of years now) there is a gymnastics meet during the game, yep on Super Bowl Sunday.

Why on earth they schedule it that way is a mystery to me, but as kick-off time draws near, it’s painful to watch the coaches, judges and dare I say parents, who SOOOO don’t want to be at the meet. I guess whoever came up with the semi-famous gymnastics t-shirt that says, “If football was tough, they’d call it gymnastics” must schedule that particular meet.

At any rate, Stephen is on gym patrol this weekend and I’ll be fully enjoying the pre-game festivities and the entire game with Mom!



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