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CoronaDiary: 4-4-2020


The days are all starting to meld together. Florida instituted a stay-at-home order for 30 days – ruining our ‘bug out’ plans because the sheriff did us the courtesy of stopping by several times last Thursday to let the boys know it would be enforced.

I find it a bit ridiculous in our little isolated area, where it is easy to practice safe social distancing while on the beach, but it is a state-wide mandate that appears will be strictly enforced with heavy fines and misdemeanor scarlet letters.

So, the band of 8 headed back to Georgia yesterday morning to continue our self-isolation with a little, okay, a lot more room in the house.

With a caravan of three vehicles, it felt like we were in the zombie apocalypse, ready to avoid and defend any obstacles that stood in the way of us and Atlanta. We weren’t sure what we were going to run into – would we get pulled over for being out? Would we have any problems at the Florida Georgia line (I really just wanted to say that)? Would there be burned-out cars and mayhem in the streets?

Nah, it was pretty uneventful which was just fine with us!

So, we are safely home and everyone seems geared up for phase 2 of self-isolation. We will be in total lockdown here – car keys have been taken away. This wanderlust worries what the future of travel will look like but right now I am just focused on keeping my family and community safe. I hope you all continue to do the same and that soon we can get back to exploring this great big wonderful world again.


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