Continuing the burger theme in Marietta


Most all towns in Georgia have a square, in the suburb of Atlanta that I live in, that annexed town has the Marietta Square. It always has something going on from the Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings to the concerts in the park.  The square is made for walking and is surrounded by our local government buildings, an old theater, restaurants, and quaint/unique stores.

I’ve been meaning to try Stockyard Burgers & Bones for awhile now but I always seem to get sidetracked by my favorite eateries on the square instead. Not anymore, this one’s now on the short list.

Stockyard has an extensive menu but I focused on the gourmet burgers and trust me there’s more than just beef burgers here, think tuna burgers and the like. But I went with a classic as the litmus test, I tried the Yard Burger (Maytag Blue Cheese, Bacon-Onion Jam, Arugula).  What an awesome combination and I like that the burgers were a decent size, made for one person.  No guilt in eating the whole burger and no need to take a long walk afterward.


So, that’s the meat and now for the potatoes , Stockyard has another little surprise in store for you. The burgers come with fries (of course) but you also choose one of their homemade dipping sauces (BBQ Ranch, Garlic Aioli, Bourbon & Roasted Tomato Aioli, Chipotle Ketchup, or Smoked Paprika Aioli).

I went with the Garlic Aioli and I’m not sure how great the fries are but they certainly are an excellent transport mechanism for this delicious sauce.  I’ll be hard pressed to try any of the other sauces because this one is so good but I’m sure the others are yummy too.

I was so focused on the food that I almost forgot the ambiance.  Stockyard is in a historic building about a block off the square, right next to the Thai restaurant, which is why I have walked by it so many times.

There are a few tables outside with views of the parked cars.  Definitely, opt for inside, it’s not a large restaurant but it’s a comforting mix of brick and wood with comfortable booths.  They spent a lot of time (and money) on the lighting which is quite unique. It looks like custom-made pipework converted into lighting fixtures – it adds a nice soft glow to the space.


We did not go to the back bar area (kids were with us) but it looked like a fun, mostly local, regular crowd and I hear that if you like bourbon (I know trendy) you are in luck.  They stock over 40 whiskeys and bourbons.

I have to say Stockyard Burger rivals my Omaha burger eateries.



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