Rethinking Thanksgiving Traditions

I have always loved the Thanksgiving holiday. I love the traditional holiday dishes, the turkey, dressing, and good ole green bean casserole. I love the desserts. I love being so stuffed your tummy hurts and you have to take a nap – thanks tryptophan. When I was young, I loved seeing extended family, as well […]

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Gone too young

When children are young, parents are the primary teachers. As they grow up and become adults (even young adults), life is the primary teacher and our role as parents shifts more to cheerleader, sounding board, and bank. It is so tough to not be able to put a band-aid on a hurt and distract them […]

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“Preparing” for Hurricane Dorian

Sorry I’ve been distracted with Hurricane Dorian headed toward the eastern seaboard. You would not know from watching the sunrise yesterday what was swirling mere hundreds of miles away. I’ve been told the surf and wind started to pick up a bit yesterday and have intensified this morning. All coastal areas are under mandatory evacuation […]

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Happy Birthday Wolf 1

Happy Birthday to my oldest wolf who turns 21 today. Indulge me in a little Mom reminiscing because for the life of me, I can’t figure out where 21 years have gone so quickly. You have ventured out from the wolf pack, aka your brothers. I would not call you a lone wolf although you […]

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Laugh Often and Out Loud

My oldest son is a prankster. Always has been. Always will be. When he comes home to visit, I know for week’s after I’ll find little surprises around the house that will have me in stiches. The latest was finding a can of Sun-Dried Georgia Possum amidst my canned goods, right next to the Starkist […]

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Wolves with Wi-Fi – Tattoos

Yep, the oldest wolf has branded himself.  Not once but three times and barely a year into his college adventure.  And he finally decided to tell his Mom – of course, his brothers (aka the other wolves) already knew. I’ve never been strongly drawn to having a tattoo nor do I dislike them.  I just […]

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Wolves with Wi-Fi

I often compare my three boys to wolves and muse that strangers probably think they were raised by wolves because, well, there teenage boys.  So, I call them Wolves with Wi-Fi.  Now your caught-up. My pack of wolves, aka teenage boys, is going through a big change this week. My oldest son, wolf 1, is […]

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Wolves with Wi-Fi

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Wolves with Wi-Fi post which is about my teenage boys that could at times be mistaken for having grown up in the wild.  BUT we have just spent a week snow and iced in together and O – M – G, I could really just stop writing […]

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