Falling for Puerto Rico: Part Three

If you eat one meal in Puerto Rico, make it at Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar in old San Juan.  It’s a splurge BUT an experience you won’t forget –  a wonderful blend of food, wine, atmosphere, and company. When planning my PR trip, this restaurant kept popping up in reviews and personal recommendations.  “It’s […]

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Nostalgic Summer Vacation

    Being at the beach (or any body of water) over the 4th of July holiday is my ideal vacation. There is the overpacking with the truck stuffed to the gills.  There is the mad attempt to get out of town ahead of traffic that never happens. New this year was having two teens […]

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Where did 18 years go?

It’s tough not to ask that question and wax nostalgic, mere weeks ahead of my oldest child’s graduation from high school.  You think of all the ‘firsts’ over the years and smile and laugh at all of the great memories.  Then with the rush toward graduation day, you try to stay in the moment to […]

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Easter Bunnies are Scary!

Another over-commercialized religious holiday that’s gotten out of control.  I’m happy to report, I’ve never had pictures of my children taken with an Easter bunny.  We only did Santa pictures in the mall one time so it was a definite no-go on the bunny. Why? I like cute pictures of my kids, BUT pictures with […]

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Wolves with Wi-Fi

I don’t mean to give wolves a bad name… but I think sometimes strangers think my three boys were raised by wolves.  Okay, so they might be modern-day wolves because they are certainly always connected, always online, but still wolf-raised. Why do I think this? Because in spite of more than a decade of trying […]

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Dating the Mob

When I was growing up the Italian mob families in Omaha were alive and well.  That was the reason you tried to stay out of South Omaha, your family had moved West if they could. Or least that’s what I thought at the time. I dated two children of mob families, yeah, I was a […]

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Paleo Challenge – Week Two

Not as hungry as I was week one. I still fear being really hungry and stuck somewhere with no good options, so I carry snacks, just in case. I find I’m not really munching on veggies in between meals and that I’m not as hungry – not always finishing a meal. Challenges week two were […]

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