Now that I have your attention…

Where have you been sleeping lately? I’m on the road a lot and I’ve had the opportunity recently to stay at both the Hilton and the Marriott’s newest brands targeted at, well hipsters. I’ll just say those of us with hipster kids can better afford it and you’ll find plenty of us encroaching on the […]

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Historic Requa Inn

Sometimes a hotel is just a hotel, and other times you can’t wait to go back. The Historic Requa Inn (pronounced Rek-wah) is located above the Klamath River, just before it enters the Pacific Ocean. This 100+-year-old inn is the perfect spot to make home-base to explore the wilds of Northern California, both ocean side […]

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One Night in Tampa

If you only have one night in this city on the bay, Tampa Bay, book it for Bern’s Steakhouse. Save your pennies to splurge on this well worth the money treat and come hungry… very, very hungry. And I’m serious about having the reservation, probably at least a month out, mine was 3+ months out. […]

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Embrace Winter? Bring it On.

If you can’t beat ‘um, join ‘um right? So, with most of the U.S. thawing from the latest polar vortex, this nomad headed North, to the great Pacific Northwest to be exact.  With flights to Vancouver, British Columbia hovering right around $300, it seemed like a bargain.  Watch the ticket prices and be ready to […]

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Dare to Read

Every couple of year’s some scary statistics will appear on my radar that say things like X% of high school graduates never read another book again or X% of adults read less than one book a year.  And I think, how…. why?  I forget that not everyone’s idea of a perfect afternoon is being lost […]

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The Coastal Redwoods – Day Two

This turned out to be my favorite day for Redwoods – the stretch from Cave Junction, Oregon down to the town of Klamath, California on the Pacific Ocean and the Klamath River.  Next time, I think I’ll spend a week right here. There are hiking trails for all levels, including those only requiring a few […]

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A Night in the Trees

Truly a magical place near the Siskiyou National Forest in the southwest corner of Oregon, the closest town is Cave Junction.  Book a night at the Out ‘n About Treesort and pick from about 15 perches to call your own for the night. Ideally, arrive before dark so you can explore the grounds before you have […]

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I Just Gotta Dance

My husband knows me well.  After weeks (months) of preparation, we dropped our middle son off at college this past Saturday and were facing a six hour drive home. He knew that if we got straight in the car after the farewell dinner, I would be in tears all the way.  So, we stayed another […]

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Aruba – the curated version

The luxury hotels along the popular Palm Beach of Aruba are beautifully maintained and sure to deliver fun in the sun.  Everything is expensive, convenient, and somewhat predictable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When considering Aruba here are a few things that definitely make it consistently hit shortlists. Easy Arrivals/Departures: Aruba is easy to […]

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The Troubadour

The man, with his guitars, piano and voice – and what a voice. I could never tire of hearing Elvis Costello croon. I was so honored to get to sit in his front room (that’s what this setting felt like) and listen to him tell stories and sing for nearly three hours.  Three hours without […]

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