I have Akrasia. Who knew?

Yeah, Akrasia might be a fancy word for procrastination coined by ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates but seriously, I buy presents. I buy cards. Why do I have such a difficult time getting them into the mail on time? I went to a wedding last Fall that I need to send a present for – […]

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Just Write

So, like a lot of commuters, I’m kind of, okay, a lot, hooked on podcasts.  My podcast library is right up there with my Youtube music subscription because whatever I’m in the mood to listen to, is at my fingertips. So whether it’s learning French, solving cold cases, exercise motivation, current events – I’m in.  […]

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To App or Not to App?

I’m conducting an experiment. I can’t promise how long it will last and it has already given me a bit of heartburn. I got a new phone, and wait for it, I’m using it just as a phone… mostly.  There is obviously a camera, texting capabilities… and my work email on it but I have […]

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