Meal Prep For Success

Wow! I feel ready to tackle the week. I spent a couple hours last night with my current binge on Netflix, Mindhunter, on in the background while I cooked up a storm! First up was getting ready for lunches – Friday is a splurge day, I have lunch plans with one of my besties. Having […]

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Ghost Kitchens. Friend or Foe?

This quote from a recent Forbes article really scares me. “In high labor cost markets, ghost restaurants can bring down the price of handmade meals, and at the end of the day, convenience will always win. Cooking on a daily basis is a mandatory chore that many people hate. By enhancing the whole value chain […]

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Spinning out of my comfort zone

We’ve all heard about these spin classes popping up everywhere.  They are kind of like Zoomba with their tribes of followers. One opened up by my house and a few of us decided to try it.  One swears by it (and was the instigator) and two of us had never spun before.  One of us bailed […]

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