We both have wings

My Mom should be celebrating her 89th Birthday with me today, but instead, tomorrow is the third anniversary of her death. I still rail against the C word, the cancer that stole her quickly and unexpectedly away from me. But trust me when I say, she most definitely received her wings on the other side. […]

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Out with the old car…

When you have the realization that your kids did not grow up the way you did. It’s what you wanted, hoped, and work for but when you realize it, it hits you kinda funny. And you wonder, did they have it too easy? They’ve never experienced going to bed hungry, not having money to eat […]

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Real Girls Throw Axes

Have you seen this latest craze?  Darts but with axes? Sounds silly but it’s “like totally awesome!” This is not for small kids, but older teens (15+) and adults of all ages will love it.  The instructors are great and you get a lot of practice before the tournament begins.  It’s a classic tournament bracket […]

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Miss You Dad

I avoid social media on Father’s Day. My Dad’s been gone for over 20 years but it still and will always hurt. The blessing is as time passes you remember the good times and the not so good times fade more. My Dad was a complex, haunted man that grew up way too fast. He […]

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More than phone numbers

I’m currently the keeper of my extended family’s history of pictures and records.  I’m working to get them digitized and available to my very large, very far-flung family.  I know I need to get it done because there are relatives still living that could help identify some of the people in the older pictures. But […]

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