Dundee Girl asks…

Are we too caught up in the expectations of the season?  Dealing with… no that’s not the right words, muddling through a serious illness in the family this month has left me not only exhausted but so far behind my normal Christmas preparations that I can’t catch up. Will my family still have a great […]

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Halfway to Christmas! Say What?

Nothing throws me into a panic like June 25th! I’m like Chicken Little running around in circles yelling the sky is falling. I have big plans for 2018: places to go, people to see, things to do.  I’ve been busy these past six months for sure but when I dusted off my written  (handwritten) 2018 […]

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Merry Christmas

The family is all home. The presents are all wrapped.  Soon Christmas dinner will be cooking.  The cards will all be late but luckily they are on their way to friends and family that will still be glad to hear from us. “Merry Christmas!”  

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