Can’t Make This Stuff Up

What’s the strangest, most surprising, Christmas present you’ve ever received?  Mine was from one of my first bosses out of college.  We were in a big conference room and everyone on my team was opening their presents from her, a day at the spa etc… My gift, a shotgun with a promise to teach me how to shoot. Being a struggling writer, I was living, near penniless in a new city and had had a scare or two early on,  Hand guns were illegal but a hunting gun was okay and would do the job if needed (thank God it never was).  I remember the feeling of power and confidence the first time I shot it way out in the country at the house my boss grew up in.  I still have that old shotgun – the minute I had children, the bullets disappeared, and for awhile it stayed at a friend’s farm.  My parents had a very similar old gun in the house when I grew up and on occasion my brother and I would sneak into their closet to check it out – they were smart enough not to have any bullets either.  I knew my three mischievous boys would do the same so no bullets for us.  That present was one of the most thoughtful I have ever received.  I can’t say every present I buy this year will rise to that level, but with a little thought you could make some ones best of list too.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking;
A toolbox with essentials for that not so handy college-bound senior, recent grad, newly divorced… friend.
12 dates for Christmas.  This is a brilliant idea for a couple who has been together for awhile or has kids.  The key is to plan all 12 dates and get them on the calendar so you don’t lose momentum after a few dates in. Guilty!
A few frozen meals for that new Mom down the street in some cool, they’ll use them forever, containers for them to keep.
A real cashmere sweater cuz’ you just won’t spend the money on yourself. (disclaimer: this one might be a hint)
Let me know what else you come up with…I just might borrow it!

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