Can't Make this Stuff Up

Can’t Make This Stuff Up


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Hmm. What to wear to a wine walk?


So, I had not had that much wine.  It was wine tasting…in the middle of the day.

When this Mad Max, Rastafarian, Lenten, Mardia Gras, Christmas ensemble showed up. You could literally spend some serious time looking at this bike, yep that is a rattlesnake for a seat and yep that is a clown-headed chainsaw on the front tire.

Great for a serious chuckle.  It’s a beach town, so, pretty much anything goes, but you have to ask yourself, why? So, I did.

My very serious group of fellow wine testers opined.  Beyond the obvious, it gets your attention, albeit not so much in a good way. It got us thinking about ‘what’s your thing.’

That thing that makes each of us memorable, or not.  All of our lives, most of us fall into camps that we are comfortable with like the jocks (you know what I’m saying about the yoga pants); the preppies, sports fans etc.  We move around and through different groups based on interests, geography, time in our life (I hung out with a lot of new Mom’s when my kids’ were little).

After a couple more wine stops and more opin-ing, we decided that most of us do want to be memorable, in a subtle way, whether it’s for the gorgeous blond hair; the wicked humor; the awesome tennis swing. But by our age, most people know what their thing is and they work it in without it being too obvious. They’re comfortable in their own skin and really that’s the goal.

And some are trying just a little too hard and need to keep working at it.


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