Can’t Make This Stuff Up


I travel pretty frequently and sometimes I hear the funniest stories about navigating the long lines at security.  This one was too funny not to share.

Us frequent flyers have a fast pass that allows us to go through ‘special’ lanes where you don’t have to remove anything from your bags and you can leave shoes, belts and light jackets on.  Usually it’s super speedy, filled mostly with rushed business travelers cutting it a bit too close to the door’s closing time.  Read – very little patience.

Problems arise when some airports get busy, okay so all of them do this, and randomly give other passengers access to the special lines for that day. They don’t know the secret handshake so things get interesting when they start de-robing and putting their laptops and stuff on the belt. In other words, defeating the whole purpose.

My friend was behind one such traveler the other day.  After slowing down the line significantly, he proceeded to set off the alarm on the x-ray machine. So back he came to check his pockets, not finding anything he loudly announced, oh, I think it must be my teeth and popped out a full set of dentures into his hands.  In it went to the change tray and through the belt.

Well, gosh he was right, but EEEWWWWW!

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