Can’t Make This Stuff Up

So my niece was craving a reuben sandwich. And being that we are currently in Omaha, the birth place of the reuben, we googled it and learned a lot, including the fact that my sister needs a hearing aide.

And that the Crescent Moon is the place to go.  Out of one review, my niece was reading this sentence out loud, “The Blackstone Reuben, as it’s called on the Moon’s menu, is a feat of engineering. It doesn’t fall apart when you eat it and it doesn’t leak dressing or kraut,” my sister said, you dropped dressing on your kraut?

We looked at her oddly and said what’s a kraut, to which she replied, your German friend. Okay so it was late at night but I have not laughed that hard in awhile.

So, a couple of us snuck out to the Moon to try this infamous version of the reuben. And seriously, can’t make this stuff up, don’t look any further, totally AWESOME!

Of course, if you want to look further check out the Blackstone Society, a group of dedicated reuben hunters whose mission is to seek out and try  the best reubens in town. Enjoy!


Sources & Shameless Plugs:

What led us to the Moon: http://www.omaha.com/go/dining/food-prowl-omaha-s-best-reuben-is/article_38a773b8-6607-11e4-b26d-0017a43b2370.html

How had I never found this place before? http://beercornerusa.com/crescentmoon/

Pair your reuben with an excellent brew from The Boulevard Brewing Company: http://www.boulevard.com/

The Blackstone Society: https://reubentour.wordpress.com/




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