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Can’t Make This Stuff Up

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Why is my garlic from China? And does it matter?

Trying to eat healthily is just not that easy these days. You think lean meats, lots of vegetables and fruits, minimize the carbs – how hard can this be… until you start to take a look at where things are coming from.

We live in an international economy with products zooming around the world but we all have to decide what we deem acceptable and I think in our rush to get dinner on the table we just don’t pay enough attention to where our food is coming from and what that might mean to our health. We just assume most of it’s coming from our local area and generally, we would be wrong.

Where is that chicken from, it might not even be the U.S.? What was it fed? Are there pesticides on those vegetables.  Strawberries are not in season, why do they look so good? Is there really bleach in my garlic?

I just read this ‘meant to scare the crap out of you’ article on foods that are imported from China with little to no regulation and it mentioned that about 30% of the garlic in the US was from China.  I thought to myself garlic, really, until I looked at my spice tin of garlic and yep, made in China.  Yikes, Penzi Spices I’ll be by later today to check out where your garlic is from!

All joking aside this is serious and top of mind right now. I have meandered a way from my Paleo focus the past couple of months and I can really tell – I just don’t feel as good. So, this weekend, the pantry gets cleaned out and I’ll be back working on building a Paleo lifestyle but this time with an increased focus, trying not to be obsessive about it, on where the foodstuffs are actually coming from.

I could not find the original article I read but if you do a quick google search you will be surprised.  My new diet advice might be – start reading the labels. Eyes are wide open now!




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