Bud & Alley’s, a beachside classic

A seaside favorite for over 30 years.  You come for the sunset (on the rooftop deck) and you stay for the food.


Warning: splurge alert.  This is not your low-cal, making good choices kind of a place.  This is a laughing with good friends,snapping a million sunset pictures  in paradise, oh my god this is good and I’ll work out double tomorrow morn… afternoon, kind of food and place.

You’re on the deck, gotta have drinks (mixed, ‘rita, wine or beer), pick your poison, you won’t be disappointed.  I will say the margaritas are excellent and refreshing and the wine’s are very generous pours.


The rooftop menu is more limited than the restaurant and my crab cakes were drenched in butter.  So, you can’t go wrong there and when you add in some yummy grilled asparagus, it was an enjoyable, expense (you’re paying for the view), dinner.

Bud & Alley’s pretty much has a lock on sunsets in Seaside, owning the rooftop deck, waterfront restaurant and now very casual Mexican bar and pizza bar restaurants next door. Heh, they have to compete with all of the fun, permanent, food trucks directly across the street that more cater to the families with kids – bonus for us nearly empty nesters. Oh, and did I mention Bud & Alley’s also caters.

The night is young and the fun and food are just getting started! We headed over to Rosemary Beach which coincidentally is where I would move to if I won the lottery.  I’d figure out a way to buy the penthouse at the Pearl Hotel, hell, maybe I’d just buy the hotel.


But our destination was across the street, La Crema Tapas & Chocolate, and we were definitely there for the chocolate.


A great glass of Malbec paired with Chocolate Soup.  So hard to explain how decadent it is to eat a bowl of thick chocolate with chunks of chocolate mixed in with a ball of vanilla ice cream in the middle and then topped with cinnamon croutons. This is so rich.  The bowl could be shared but we weren’t sharing tonight.  Three out of four of us opted for the chocolate soup, our adventurous friend went for the Hot Chocolate Molten Cake. I was so full I could not even try a bite of it.


On my list to try here are also Chocolate & Churro Sticks and Chocolate Dipped Bacon – I’ll be back (hear that in the Arnold S. voice).

All that fun and me and my chocolate filled tummy were snoozing before 11pm.

Warning: Wear long shorts to La Crema or you will stick to the plastic chairs and have to rip your butt out of them.  The wine helps with that.


Can’t beat it! Go live it!



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