B&G Tasty Foods


I can’t imagine how many times I have been right near this well kept Omaha secret – next to Zio’s, the Holiday and Jams.  Only in the Midwest is “loose meat sandwich” a marketing slogan!

Walk through the doors of B&G and step back in time.  Eat at the counter or grab a booth but you better come early, these loose meat sandwiches are a big draw, for those in the know.

The old soda collection is for real – no Diet Coke in this joint.  And check out the banana seat bikes hanging from the ceiling.

And let’s not forget what we came for – the loose meat sandwich with all the fixin’s!

The Lemmy soda – looks like Emmy if you close one eye and read it quick!
Yep, this is what we came here for.

Yum! I love that Omaha does not take for granted all of its thriving non-chain restaurants. If you are in or visit Omaha, say for the College World Series or the Berkshire Hathaway board meeting, get off the beaten path. You won’t be sorry.



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