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Approaching Weekends Differently

Do you rush home from work early to go out on the town? Yeah, I know I’m kind of laughing at that one too. Do you treat Friday’s and Friday evenings like any other night of the week? I thought so.

Do you wake up early Saturday and knock out all of your errands, the grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning…? Do you go through the ‘what do you want to do tonight’ routine and end up at dinner or a movie, near the house?

Do you try to sleep in a bit on Sunday’s and then rush to church, or feel guilty because you did not rush to church?

If your nodding your head to any of those… your stuck in a weekend rut. Several new studies out are showing that if we can change our mindset, our approach to weekends, it can have a big positive payback on our happiness. And who doesn’t want to be happier AND who doesn’t want to have more time to do all those things we keep saying we would do if we had more time.

So, I know what you’re thinking, all those chores still need to get done but here’s where we can really leverage all of the new pickup and delivery services, AND added bonus, this pre-planning can really save you money. For me it certainly removes the impulse buys at the grocery store that I’m such a sucker for.

So, next week sign up for a pickup delivery service at your grocery store, big box store, or online service and take one of your lunch hours to build your grocery list. Make the leap to give it a try, and don’t forget to look for coupons or discounts for first time shoppers. I find online it is actually easier to use coupons, which impulse me never does, and shop specials.

Spend some time figuring out what other weekend chores you can either automate, think pick up and delivery dry clean services, and start handling during the weekend rather than saving them all for the weekend.

All of these little changes in your routine are designed to open up your mind by freeing up time for you to focus on weekend stuff. Do you remember weekend stuff?

Go discover how to play in the park. Go to brunch. Meet old or new friends. Plan a backyard barbecue. Sleep in. Or my favorite, go explore your city or town. There is nothing better than being a tourist in your own town.

So, that’s my Spring plan – spicing up my weekends by approaching them as if I’m going on a weekend trip. What do you have planned for Spring?

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