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Angels Watching Over Me

I had a strange and frustrating day yesterday. I had taken a day off of work to handle an appointment and I was looking forward to an entire afternoon to myself. On the way back from my appointment, about 20 miles from home, my truck broke down. Actually, my husband’s truck that I had borrowed for the day.

I’m really not a car person – get me from point A to point B reliably and I’m good, but break downs, I don’t do. The last time I had been in this pickle was before cell phones. I was able to pull into a parking lot so I was safe and not on the road.

What do women do first when their car breaks down? Right, call their husbands. Now my husband is very mechanical but of no use to me in this situation which pissed me off but I could not really process why.

With three teen drivers, thanks to my husband, we all have roadside assistance. So, with a tow truck en route, albeit 45 minutes out, I had nothing to do but stew. I did not want to drain either the truck or my cell phone battery, wow, what did we do before cell phones?

I realized that I was irrationally mad at my husband and that it was my Dad’s fault. See, in Dundee where I grew up. A girl has car troubles, her Dad, her brother, or a complete stranger who also happens to be a Dad or brother, would immediately be right there to help. In Atlanta, you are the potential trigger for someone’s road rage because you might slow them down by a minute.

The afternoon I had planned was ruined but I did get to ride in the big wrecker truck with a cool dude named Sean. My husband thinks it’s funny that I now know Sean’s entire life story and we may have been invited to his house for Thanksgiving. All joking aside, this driver is one of the good guys doing a tough, dangerous job and I’m thankful for him.

With the car delivered to the repair shop, a big glass of wine and an apology to my husband were in order. My husband had a surprise for me. His brother had made a digital copy of some, never before seen by us, footage from our wedding – 22+ years ago!

The first thing that popped up on screen was my Mom & Dad walking we down the aisle. They were both holding on to me so tight, I wasn’t sure they were going to let go. Plus, reception footage, including my Dad and I dancing to Butterfly Kisses. What an incredible, timely surprise. I was in happy tears with a huge ache in my heart.

See today’s my Dad’s birthday and he has been with me all day. I always suspected he would be more than a bit mischievous from the other side and I was right. I’m so thankful that he raised a tough, independent, strong woman who will always love her Daddy.

Miss you Dad!

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