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A Dog’s Life has gone to the squirrels

McKennaMy dog, like most, loves to chase squirrels. The squirrels around our house, love to tease dogs. And so the ageless cycle continues.

The other morning, my dog Kenners and I had just gotten in from a walk, it was early morning. Kenners was not on duty guarding the house yet as I was still home. But she was in a barking frenzy at the front door.

Upon investigation and subsequent observation over the next few days. I was shocked to realize that our neighborhood squirrels are making a game out of taunting my dog when she is stuck inside.


Look who can be seen, almost smirking, perched right outside our front door. Later, said squirrel, could be found traipsing back and forth in front of the window that Kenners day bed looks out on. You’ve got to be kidding me? I’m afraid my dog is going to go right through the window at some point here.

I love the sense of animal humor but it’s just not fair play if she’s not out in the yard. Luckily, she follows the sun around the house so when she’s had enough she relocates.




  • ICT Genealogist

    I have seen numerous animals tease and taunt. I live not quite downtown but deep enough in Wichita that I am amazed at the diversity of animal life – possums, rabbits, raccoons, and skunks, possibly a few other less common make it to my area. haven’t found the skunk(s) in my neighborhood, but I occasionally catch the whiff of where they sprayed something. A few of the dogs who are loose or being walked will tease the dogs who are fenced in.

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