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6 Teenagers, 1 Husband, 1 Dog & 1,600 Square Feet


That about sums up my life right now and trust me I am NOT complaining. I feel relatively safe and isolated, but still… 6 teenagers, 1 husband, and 1 dog in a very small house – that’s 8 people!

Here is the good news, said very small house, is on a pretty secluded island off the coast of Florida with good internet service. And we are here for the long haul. We are able to get lots of sun, surf, and exercise and if things get really dire, we can fish. We are able to pretty much isolate ourselves. Everyone has remote school or work to do. I think there is a lot less gaming and t.v. going on then in other houses right now, not to say they aren’t doing that, it’s just not for hours on end.

I have Wolves 2 & 3 (19 & 17-year-olds) with me but Wolf 1 (21 years old) is all the way across the country – no way to get him back here right now, too risky. And like everyone else, we are worried about family and friends all over the world. I like to think that I’m pretty spiritual and send up prayers on a regular basis but the prayers are going out non-stop at this point.

I feel an added sense of responsibility having other people’s kids with us but all the parents agree the kids are safer where they are at with us over trying to get back to Atlanta. Several parents are health care workers who are working non-stop with very little downtime to sleep before they are back at it. They are certainly being exposed and we are waiting on test results of one health caregiver/parent right now. On pins and needles, I might add.

I’m honored that these brave parents would put the care of their children in our hands and we are doing the best we can to keep them safe. I keep having these memories pop up from movies and books from World War II where the parents would send their kids away to the country to family or friends during the war – sort of feels like that. Anyone else love The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe?

So as sad as I am that Wolf 3’s end of senior year has been blown up, I and all the teens here with us realize they are living history right now. They solemnly understand the magnitude of this. They are worrying about things they should not have to worry about. I think anyone who has concerns about the future of our country just hasn’t spent any time with the next generation. They are smart, kind, and brave and I am very proud of them.


So, that’s it from here. I pray that you are all safe as well. I’m starting each day with a sunrise and a prayer. Be strong! Be kind!




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