Tea With…Mom

I have a lot of wishes when it comes to my Mom. I wish I could sit down for a cup of tea and a good chat with her. I’m really missing her.

My Mom was a coffee drinker in the morning but when I was growing up, my brother and I would always have the tea kettle on and ready to pour a cup for her when she arrived home from work. As kids, we could always sit down with her for a cup of tea. We were never allowed coffee, but tea, tea was fine.

My Mom was a nurse and mostly worked the 7AM to 3PM shift, which met she would be getting home about 3:40. And most days we were ready with tea and snacks. It was our catch up time before dinner was started.

When visitors would stop by, tea sometimes became a bit more of a formal affair, meaning we brought down the nice tea cups, sugar and milk had their own containers, and we used cute little glass plates and colored serving platters.

I loved it when the good stuff came out. A lot of those treasures have passed down to me and I know I need to use them more than I do. They always make me smile and think about my relatives before me who used them proudly in their homes, but the thing that I remember the most is that they were the backdrop for really good conversation.

Whether it was listening to us kids ramble on about our days, the next door neighbor who was mad at her husband, or the aunt or cousin that needed advice or to drop off a skirt to be hemmed, my Mom was always ready to listen and hand you a cup of tea!

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