Everyone Has a Little Irish in Them…

I found myself in Savannah, Georgia the weekend before Saint Patrick’s day weekend this year. The fountains had all been dyed green and were certainly a sight to see. Workers were busy getting ready for the upcoming shenanigans. Me, I was so excited just to see the sun after what has felt like months of rain in Atlanta. So, I immediately headed to where my internal compass always points… to the water. Yep, Tybee Island was my play destination of choice for the afternoon. This barrier island is less than 20 miles outside of the city, but it feels like you are a million miles away.

In addition to a little time in the sun, I was headed to another one of my favorite things, a parade. And this hometown, Irish celebration, delivered in spades. It may not be as big, or as rowdy, as the one that will be in Savannah this weekend but it was a perfect day, the perfect length, full of blarney, and a whole lot of fun.

It was full of Irish pride and I may have been one of the very, very few people not in green!

The Parrot Head’s had their Irish on!
How many party goers can fit in one golf cart?

Some things that make you just go… hmmmmm.

And some things that just inspire because now, in addition to being a Twilight Twirler in my white go-go boots tossing my flaming batons, I really, really want to be a Mint Julep Queen when I grow up!

This is my kinda club!

So with a sunburned nose, lots of green beads, and great memories, we packed up and headed back to Savannah. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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