When is a Pineapple not just a Pineapple

Husband goes to grocery store. Husband buys pineapple. Kids like pineapple. Youngest kid says, heh, who bought this pineapple? Dad says, I did. Youngest kid, laughs and says did you put it in the cart? Dad says, duh, would be a bit awkward to carry it around. Youngest kid, laughing harder now says, you know that means you’re in an open relationship.

Say what? When did a pineapple become a hook up signal?

Dad says, well it clearly wasn’t working? Youngest kid, now snorting, has no response. So, I say, you must have done it wrong and turn to the source of all truth, google. And yes apparently he did do it wrong, you are supposed to put the pineapple in your grocery cart upside down!

Well now you know, so pineapple buyers beware of the unintentional vibes you may be projecting! You seriously can’t make this stuff up. Happy Friday!


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