Can’t Make This Stuff Up: A Snoring Symphony

I’m blessed to be able to fall asleep quickly and usually, I sleep straight through my solid six hours of needed sleep. I’m cursed with the inability to go back to sleep if said six hours is interrupted for any reason.

Tonight was one of those night’s of sleep interrupted. Why you may ask? Because my husband and my dog were in the middle of what can only be described as a choreographed symphony of snoring! I’m talking bring the house down, solo-worthy, performances.

And I guess it’s really my own fault because a terrible cold has been running through the entire household for the last several weeks and I have been blamed as germ zero.

So, tonight’s a bust for me but I’ll be ready tomorrow night, I’ve decided to employ my travel tricks for a good night’s sleep on the road to home: Blackout sleeping mask, a mouth guard for teeth grinding, and ear plugs. Yep, I may not be at my most attractive but in my own little cocoon, I might be the one trumpeting through a full night’s sleep! If you can’t beat ‘um, join ‘um.

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