Lunch With… Helen Reddy

People get asked that question a lot.  Who would you like to have lunch with?  And most people answer Oprah, the Pope, a President, Warren Buffett etc…  Nope, not me, my top pick right now with would be Helen Reddy. Why Helen Reddy? Yes, she has a fantastic voice and has been a performer, well […]

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I have Akrasia. Who knew?

Yeah, Akrasia might be a fancy word for procrastination coined by ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates but seriously, I buy presents. I buy cards. Why do I have such a difficult time getting them into the mail on time? I went to a wedding last Fall that I need to send a present for – […]

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Wolves with Wi-Fi – Tattoos

Yep, the oldest wolf has branded himself.  Not once but three times and barely a year into his college adventure.  And he finally decided to tell his Mom – of course, his brothers (aka the other wolves) already knew. I’ve never been strongly drawn to having a tattoo nor do I dislike them.  I just […]

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Out with the old car…

When you have the realization that your kids did not grow up the way you did. It’s what you wanted, hoped, and work for but when you realize it, it hits you kinda funny. And you wonder, did they have it too easy? They’ve never experienced going to bed hungry, not having money to eat […]

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