I Just Gotta Dance

My husband knows me well.  After weeks (months) of preparation, we dropped our middle son off at college this past Saturday and were facing a six hour drive home. He knew that if we got straight in the car after the farewell dinner, I would be in tears all the way.  So, we stayed another […]

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Wolves with Wi-Fi

I often compare my three boys to wolves and muse that strangers probably think they were raised by wolves because, well, there teenage boys.  So, I call them Wolves with Wi-Fi.  Now your caught-up. My pack of wolves, aka teenage boys, is going through a big change this week. My oldest son, wolf 1, is […]

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Dreaming the nomadic dream

Digital Nomad, no such term exists in the dictionary, but that does not stop me from aspiring to be one. The world of Google has lots to say about digital nomads.  Basically, a digital nomad is someone who is not tied to a physical location for work, which generally means they need access to an internet […]

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Just Write

So, like a lot of commuters, I’m kind of, okay, a lot, hooked on podcasts.  My podcast library is right up there with my Youtube music subscription because whatever I’m in the mood to listen to, is at my fingertips. So whether it’s learning French, solving cold cases, exercise motivation, current events – I’m in.  […]

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The Truth About Leo’s

We all know Leo’s, those with birthdays between late July and late August.  We describe them as Leaders, Strong, Centers of Attention, Ambitious, Loyal, Stubborn, and hating criticism. Leo’s love the Sun.  You definitely want a Leo or two in your corner.  Their fiery personalities give them their boundless energy as well as there surprising […]

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Real Girls Throw Axes

Have you seen this latest craze?  Darts but with axes? Sounds silly but it’s “like totally awesome!” This is not for small kids, but older teens (15+) and adults of all ages will love it.  The instructors are great and you get a lot of practice before the tournament begins.  It’s a classic tournament bracket […]

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